Cements For Dental Crowns

There’s a galaxy of cements for dental crowns out there. We’ve got them all, from star manufacturers like Centrix, Tokuyama, Pulpdent, and Parkell. Polycarboxylate? Phosphate? We have whatever formulation you like to use.

We’re big fans of kits, because our customers love them. Have a look at the Accolade PV system with try-in pastes from Zest Dental. You’ll have 4 composites, in translucent, light, extra-light, and white opaque, and ready-to-use prelude adhesive and S-bond Silane wells. It’s a complete veneer application system designed by an experience lecturer and clinician. There 6 shades in this remarkable kit, which should satisfy almost every situation you encounter!

Another item to see is the G-Cem Linkforce system from GC America. Here, in one place, is everything you need for dual-cure cementation in all types of indirect restorations. It’s right for any milling block, such as the popular CERASMART Universal. You get 4 very stable shades of cement and try-in paste, and refills are easy – you’ll never run out of cement, paste, activator or primer!

Take your time and browse. We run frequent deals on our kits, so keep an eye on our many get-one-free offers!

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AbsoLute Universal Resin Cement (Centrix)
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Ceramir Crown & Bridge Quick Cap
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DuoCem (Coltene)
Price: $160.99