Medications play a vital role in dentistry as an adjunct to surgical and operative dental treatment procedures. Endodontic treatment procedures such as root canal treatment and apical surgeries need use of antibiotics and analgesics for immediate pain relief and resolution of symptoms in extremely infected cases. Similarly, gum therapy, gum & bone curettage, scaling & root planning of teeth, and oral fungal infections also need therapeutic agents for complete cure and resolution of diseased teeth. Skydentalsupply offers complete range of pharmaceutical agents for helping the dental health care professionals in achieving the best possible outcomes following various types of dental treatment procedures in patients visiting the dental clinics.

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Analgesics for pain relief are among the most commonly prescribed pharmaceutical products in the dental offices. Tylenol Extra Strength 500mg capsules are effective in mild toothache, and pain relief following tooth extraction. Tylenol drops and gels can provide relief in teething pain in infants. Advil 200mg, and Motrin 200mg are offered in economical packs for relieving moderate degree of toothache. These agents are effective in dental abscess, and pain relief following multiple tooth extractions. In addition to these pain killers, skydentalsupply provides economical and effective packages of multivitamins. VIT C ASCORBIC ACID 500mg SUNDOWN VITMN 100TAB can be taken following multiple tooth extractions, gingival curettage, dental implant placement, gum therapy, root canal treatment, gingivectomy, and minor oral surgical procedures for speeding up the healing process.

BENADRYL OTC J&J CONSUMER is highly effective product for the prevention and management of allergic emergencies in the dental office. It can be prescribed pre-operatively for the prevention of anticipated allergic reaction in susceptible patients. Calcium Antacid Tablets provide an effective remedy in patients affected with dental erosion due to gastro-esophageal reflux disease GERD. Stomach acidity and heart burn are among the prevalent causes of teeth erosion. Basic Emergency Oxygen System RX, and Mobile Oxygen Cart with Emergency Kit Rack should be available in the dental offices especially in this COVID 19 pandemic era. Ammonia Inhalants, Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages, Ambu Spur II Patient Valve, 02 Bag Reservoir and Face Mask # 5 Rx, and BD Insulin Syringe should be available in the dental clinics in case of emergency and need.