If surgery is part of your dental practice, you’re in the right place!

We’ve got everything you could need, from dental dams – check out our hygenic latex convenience pack for kids, from Coltene – to retraction material, like the popular ‘ginigtrac’ kit from Centrix, with all the refills, caps, tips, and nozzles, ready to go.

Sutures? No one’s got the range we have. Bone grafting and packing materials? Click and see!

We’ve even got electro-surgery covered. You might have a look at the PerFect TCS sterilizable electrode sheath and tissue contouring system, another triumph from Coltene. For conventional surgery, have a browse through our dozens of scalpels, blades, and handles. One of best sellers is the Bard Parker disposable, from Crosstex International. Get it in the size you want, in packs of 10!

Be sure to see what you’re doing, with our array of lights, loupes and magnifiers. Know what the cool surgeons wear? The Kool Daddy bifocal, with black frame and clear lens. It’s popular because it won’t fog, it won’t scratch, the wraparound design is secure and protective, and it even blocks up to 95% of harmful UVA and UVB rays!