Ortho headgears are special devices that can help the orthodontists in bite correction and achieve proper jaw alignment during the orthodontic treatment. The headgears are recommended in growing children. These provide maximum benefit when the bones are still growing and getting in shape. The orthodontists prefer to use the headgears in cases with severe mal-alignment cases. Informed consent is needed before the fabrication of this device, especially in school going kids because these headgears are partially worn outside the mouth. There are various types of headgear devices including cervical pull headgear, high pull headgear and reverse pull (facemask) headgear. Skydentalsupply provides high quality headgears based upon the severity of the orthodontic correction needed and the specifications guided by the orthodontists.

Based upon the type of headgear and the condition being corrected, there are several parts of the headgear. These components include a head cap, fitting straps, facebow, elastic bands, tubes, hooks, chin cup, forehead pad and mouth yoke. The head cap of the appliance provides anchorage to the rest of the apparatus. The number and use of the fitting straps depend upon the type of headgear selected for use in each patient. The facebow metal device having a U shape, is usually connected with the tubes and bands to the molars, straps, or head cap. A chin cup attached to a forehead cap with the help of wires can be used in different mal-occlusion cases. Modifications can be easily incorporated in the device according to the requirements of the orthodontists to achieve the desired results.

Skydentalsupply offers a wide range of these appliances and individual ortho headgear parts for the convenience of orthodontists and betterment of treatment outcomes for the patients.

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