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We stock over 20,000 products, in partnership with more than 100 of the top suppliers in dental materials, accessories, instruments, and equipment.

Have a look at our materials and supplies below! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, and we can usually ship your order the same day we receive it. 

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Acrylics and reline

Are you making quick repairs, or permanent ones? We’ve got everything you need for either. For fast preparation of provisional elements, for example, there’s Acrytemp, from Zhermack, a cartridge kit with 15 mix tips. Acrytemp is a bisacrylic self-curing resin, highly fracture-resistant and without the methyl methacrylate monomer, for low temperatures in setting and ease on pulp. It’s available in 5 shades, for good aesthetics.

For permanent hard relines and repairs, consider Coe-Rect, a self-curing, rigid denture liner from GC America. With this, you can get your repairs done at chairside in as little as 20 minutes.


We’re well set up to support you in complex restorations. We’re especially proud to offer fast-setting Permite alloy powder, from Southern Dental Industries. Permite exhibits the best sealing qualities, with no danger of excessive delayed expansion if it’s accidentally contaminated with water-based fluids. Use Permite safely for retrograde fillings. Permite’s high compressive strength minimizes the risk of fracturing restorations, too. And its high compressive strength ensures a restoration that’s really durable.

There’s a piece of equipment you might want to know about, in the Capsule Mixer CM-II, from GC America, a digital, high-speed triturator. It’s got manual and pre-programmed modes of operation, and it works with virtually all of today's encapsulated dental materials, including amalgam.


Keep your office procedures efficient, with self-contained anesthetic kits like the Anutra Starter Special, from Anutra Medical. It’s cost-effective and convenient, containing an Anutra dispenser, 250 syringes, 300 27ga or 30ga needles, and 12 buffering essentials, that include Anutra cassettes, 50mL vials of 2% lidocaine with epinephrine 1:100,000, and 10mL vials of sodium bicarbonate inj. 8.4% USP.

Check out our 60-cartridge dispenser and warmer, too, from Premier Dental. It keeps cartridges close to body temperature to avoid anesthetic trauma from thermal shock. Mount in on the wall or keep it on a cabinet. It’s made of white, high-impact polystyrene. It’s a neat idea, and it runs on nothing more than a 3-watt bulb!

Evacuation products

For evacuation, nothing beats the Bio-Pure system. It restores and maintains flow and function by actively breaking down and digesting organic waste. It’s a slick way to remove odor and sludge. It cleans easily between uses.

Something else you should know about is the Amalsed Direct Amalgam Separator, from Medentex. This multi-fit separator acts as a central point for cleansing waste water in dental practices. It’s able to separate 99.2% the amalgam, by a novel process of sedimentation. Sedimentation means it can distinguish between amalgam and prophy paste and other debris. No more clogging and reduced suction!

Bleaching and whitening

It’s easy to whiten teeth in ONE office visit with the Fluorescent™ Express in-office whitening kit, from Vista Dental! Here’s a complete single-procedure system ready to go with no mixing. Get all the syringes, the tips and applicators, and the evac tube and cheek retractor all in one. The kit even comes with a whitening shade guide.

Bonding agents, adhesives, and etchants

Keep your orthodontic life easy. Have a look at the Clearfil SE Protect Bond value kit, from Kururay America. It’s very easy to use, guarantees minimal dentin decalcification, and maximum marginal leakage protection. Dentin bond strength is very high, and post-operative sensitivity is very low.

Check out our Etch ‘N’ Seal® kit, from DenMat, too. This is a special formulation of phosphoric acid and aluminum oxalate. This product etches enamel and dentin simultaneously to maximize bond strength, while allowing you to protect dentin from any possible over-etching. You get 8 3mL syringes of Etch ‘N’ Seal, and 20 syringe tips.

Burs and diamonds

We’ve got every possible high-precision carbide instrument you could want, for metal cutting, crown and bridge work, operative and surgical applications, endodontics, and trimming and finishing.

We’re especially proud to offer the Alpen Carbide 7102 Flame Flute Friction Grip set from Coltene, in a handy 5-pack. These are CAD-created burs for multi-axial grinding processes, with just the right angulations, flute depths, rake angles, and blading.

Cements and liner

Cementing can be a tricky process. We have all the latest tools to help you get it done easily and correctly. One of these is the Clearfil Esthetic Cement EX Mini Kit, from Kururay America, a self-etch, dual-cure composite system for ceramic restorations, including veneers. It uses Clearfil DC Bond, a one-step adhesive, and comes with everything you need – all the syringes, pastes, tips, and brushes.

Have a look at the Automix Dual Dispensing Gun-type dispenser, too, from DMG America. It’s a reliable, easy-to-use delivery system that ensures homogeneous, bubble-free mixing, for safe and clean application, and compatibility with all commercially available  25ml and 50ml-cartidges.

Restoratives and cosmetics

Shop restoratives at Sky Dental Supply, with over 600 specialty products in our catalog!

For composite core build ups, check out the Absolute Dentin Core Cartridge Kit from Parkell. Its Automix feature means quick dispensing, and its stronger core means less flexing. Densely filled (75%) with fluoride/barium glass, it makes one strong, stable support for restorations – at 172 MPa flexural strength. It’s radiopaque, and it cures by itself in 4 minutes, or in 40 seconds with light, all to a Barcol hardness of 72 – that’s the typical hardness of dentin.

Or have a look at our glass ionomer core build ups, like the Miracle Mix Crown & Core Build-Up system, from GC America. Miracle Mix offers the proven formula of glass ionomer cement with 100% fine, silver alloy powder for lasting core build-ups, block-outs and repair. This is a strong direct bond, with a high fluoride release. It shrinks and expands like tooth structure, and it won’t stain surrounding teeth. It sets in 4 minutes.


There’s a galaxy of products out there for all your crown work. One that’s popular with our customers is the Crown Kit 96 pack, from Java Crowns. It combines convenience with aesthetics in one affordable package. The temporary crowns have a proprietary tooth-colored coating that will not chip or peel, and application takes less than five minutes, with minimal cleanup. There’s a huge variety of sizes, so you can tailor your inventory needs, to help cost-control. 

Another popular item is the Crown Molar Adult 8-pack set from Direct Crown Products. It’s a pre-formed shell concept made of a flexible, high-impact polymer. A patented mesial/distal window ensures the creation of tight-fitting contacts. When filled with the DirectCrown resin and molded over the prepared teeth, the contacts activate and the resin and shell combine to form one terrifically wear-resistant restoration.

Disposable products

We partner with more than 2,000 suppliers to make sure you have all the disposable products you need. Check out our huge line of cotton pellets, cotton rolls and substitutes, dispensers, aprons, dry angels, tray covers, bibs, towels, and headrests.


Endodontics is a precision area these days. We’ve got some superb tools for you to get things done quickly and flawlessly.

One of these is the AutoSyringe kit, from Vista Dental Products. This is a cordless, compact, battery-powered device that assures consistent, controlled endodontic flow. It’s ergonomically designed for reduced hand fatigue, it has 3 adjustable flow rate settings for appropriate apical pressure in every procedure, it comes with ‘Quick-Connect’ 20 mL canisters that you can fill with whatever medicaments you like, and an autoclavable sleeve system for easy disinfection between patients.

Finishing and polishing

Finishing and polishing is part of any busy practice. We’ve got assorted kits to make it easy. 

A big seller is the ‘Dentists’ Favorite’ 141-piece assortment from Dedeco. It’s designed for use with the most popular chair-side abrasives. It’s for finishing, polishing and texturing every kind of material. 

Looking for replacement bits? We’ve got discs, like the Garnet X-Coarse Paper line from E.C. Moore. These are brass-centered, and you can get them in 12-box sets, of 50 discs each. E.C. Moore makes a complete line of mandrels, too: get them in 6-packs and save!


Every practice needs gloves, and we’ve got every kind there is.

A lot of practices like our Adenna Platinum Latex Powder Free line, in natural white, that come 100 to a box. These are formulated with a thermal sensitive polymer coating, without the traditional chlorination process. This keeps users’ hands cool after extended wear. The gloves have a fully textured surface that provides excellent grip when handling wet or dry equipment.

Another popular line is the latex-free, nitrile powder-free Aurelia gloves, that come 300 to a box. They’re thin, light, amazingly flexible, and ambidextrous. They’re strong enough to perform under pressure, yet delicate enough to allow you to feel what you’re doing. They’re packed in such a way that single-glove dispensing is slick and easy, too.  

Impression materials

There’s more than one way to get impressions – and we’ve got every option for you at Sky Dental Supply! 

A popular bite registration system in the Pro-Pac Fast Set Consistency kit from Keystone Industries. You can get 50 Big Bite Trays to use with this.

A lot of practices use disposable impression trays, like the BeeSure True Impression 3 in 1 system from EcoBee. This uses stainless steel connectors, for stability and ease of access. The trays have uniquely rigid walls for better retention, and tear-resistant high-quality mesh, and a wide occlusal plane design.  They’re made from 30% recycled plastics.

Infection control

You don’t want to spread bugs around your practice. To keep everyone as safe as possible we offer an enormous line of infection-control equipment. 

A big-seller is the "Breathe E-Z" Earloop Face & Cone Mask, at 50 per box, from Mydent International. It really is easy-breathing, and it’s got a dual-fit chin contour and pliable nose and chin bands. It’s latex- and fiberglass-free. It has soft, rounded ear loops and a nice, soft inside lining.

Check out the Mydent face shields, too, for more ambitious, whole-face protection when you need it.

Matrix materials

As composites have gotten better, use of a matrix for building interproximal surfaces in direct restorations has become pretty central. Our selection of matrix bands and materials is huge. All of them are formulated for placement adjacent to the tooth being restored, to help build the contour correctly.

Want to get it done really efficiently? Have a look at our popular ClearView Sectional Matrix kit, from our old friends at Water Pik. Everything’s there, in one package: rings, forceps, non-stick matrices, and wedges.

Pins and posts

Your toolbox isn’t complete without pins and posts. We have a galaxy of these, as you can imagine.

Want to buy efficiently? Have a look at our AccessPost Intro Kit, from Essential Dental Systems. It’s an assortment of 16 retreatable passive posts, in 4 of each size. This kind of post gives you the strength of a solid shank post. It vents hydrostatic pressure in cementation, which means easier post placement and a more secure interface. It gives you the ability to remove the post, should there be a failed root canal, without doing any surgical widening. The system guides retreatment drills, to keep post removal nice and safe.

You might also have a look at Essential Dental’s ‘EZ-Change Intro Kit for overdenture caps. This patented keeper and cap insert allows for convenient nylon cap replacement. The idea is that the cap insert can be removed easily from the permanent metal keeper, requiring only seconds for replacement. Pretty slick!


If you’re shopping for preventives, there’s a lot we can offer. 

One is the Aegis pit and fissure sealant kit with ACP. It’s a popular item from Keystone Industries. Aegis is a light-cured sealant that contains amorphous calcium phosphate, which slowly releases calcium and phosphate ions to help remineralize teeth.

Another is the ‘2pro’ Disposable Prophy Angle Cup, from Premier Dental. The idea here is to give you total access to what you’re doing. This system cleans and polishes all tooth surfaces with its unique cup and tip design. Use the cup to polish every tooth surface. Remove the cup and use the tip for better access to gingival and proximal areas, occlusal surfaces, and veneer margins, and around implants and orthodontic brackets. It’s a clever system. It’s also latex-free, and a lot of practices like that.


There’s almost no end to the wax products we offer. What are some popular items?

One is the utility wax strip line from Ortho. You get 64 white strips per pack. It’s soft and pliable, a real workhorse item, especially great for building up impression trays.

Another is Coltene’s ‘hygenic tray and plastic wax’ line, with 48 scented strips per box. Or you can get the unscented kind. This is a nice product for some applications, because it’s softer than round wax.

Have a look at our selection. For wax, as you can imagine, we’ve got everything.