Articulating Material

Articulation materials have gained importance regarding the correct relation of teeth and adjacent tissues necessary for achieving the required fit and retention of dental prosthesis. Articulating materials are also important for checking high spots and proper fit of the direct restorations such as silver fillings, cosmetic restorations and newly placed dental crowns & bridges. These articulating materials are categorized as gels, pastes, sprays and especially fabricated papers or metallic sheets (shim stocks). Skydentalsupply offers state of the art and purpose based articulating papers, gels, sprays, high spot indicators and metallic films for ensuring the perfect restorations and prostheses for the patients visiting your dental offices. In addition to all these materials, denture indicating pastes have been specially fabricated to serve the old aged geriatric patients and senior citizens.

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Our tested articulating materials help the dental health care professionals in removing all the high spots in teeth fillings and correcting all discrepancies in dentures for providing the much-needed relief and perfection to old patients and senior citizens. In addition to gels, pastes, papers and foils, our manufacturers also take into account the provision of equipment needed to use foils and papers in posterior and difficult to reach areas in the mouth for making the life easier for dental specialists.

Skydentalsupply purpose based designed articulating forceps and contact finders are available in this regard. These instruments make it easy to use the articulating materials with maximum utilization and benefits. The combination of articulating materials and instruments not only help to thoroughly examine the dental conditions before treatment and after treatment provision, but these also help the clinicians to record the findings, store it for future references and evaluation of results in addition to transfer of the data for interdisciplinary discussions and research. Maxillomandibular relationships can be recorded during denture fabrication stages and corrected in faulty prostheses using these articulating materials at chairside in the dental offices. Furthermore, these materials and armamentarium also guide and help the dental laboratory technicians.