Molar Bands & Tubes

Skydentalsupply manufactures ensures the most convenient and solid orthodontic anchorage and stabilization appliances ranging from general purpose upper and lower molar bands, molar band ASY, bondable buccal tubes, activator tubes to ball hook ortho, elite molar buccal tubes, lingual direct bond micro-etched and much more.  SkydentalSupply manufactured ortho-molar bonds provide the strongest anchor to the various arch wires which are fitted across the teeth to perform required tooth movements and skydentalsupply fabricated compact design and low-profile tubes minimize occlusal interferences leading to healthy gingival tissue during the orthodontic treatment span.

These ingenious appliances ensure the achievement of intended purpose of orthodontic corrections and prevent unwanted movements through firm anchorage. In addition to these effects, these prevent food debris impaction due to their special designs keeping gums healthy in the process. SkydentalSupply ortho-molar bands and tubes have been designed selectively for each type of teeth in the mouth. Our appliances have been available for molars, premolars and all the surfaces and you can use these in a customized manner for covering variations in different patients. 

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