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Innovations in orthodontic treatment has revolutionized the world of cosmetic dentistry for the past few decades. Removable orthodontic appliances have been replaced by fixed braces, which are available both in metallic and transparent forms. Orthodontic braces are used to correct dental malocclusions, move rotated or tilted teeth and adjust underlying bone. It is highly recommended to book an orthodontic consultation appointment for your child when he/she turns seven years of age with your orthodontist to evaluate the need for teeth alignment corrections. Recently, there is a great trend in teenagers, high school and university students towards orthodontic braces treatments due to esthetic reasons. However, the major problem these teenagers and young students face soon is the discomfort, pain, irritation, jaw pain, allergic reactions, minor oral ulcerations and difficulty in eating soon after these braces are glued to their teeth. Skydentalsupply has been always focusing on providing the preventive solutions to these post-operative complications faced by the orthodontists to build patient trust and confidence in them.

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At skydentalsupply purpose based ortho-care patient products are designed and fabricated which ensure the prevention of discomfort faced by the teenagers and all patients once they opt for braces treatment. The most commonly reported problem faced by the patients soon after braces and wires are placed on their teeth is the pain and soreness in teeth due to the pressure and forces to move the teeth. When the braces set (braces, wires & ligatures) functions to move or rotate the teeth towards intended position to relive the dental mal-occlusion, teeth become sore and it becomes difficult to eat and chew as well. At skydentalsupply high quality laminated wafers have been fabricated which will do the magic to relieve this pain, discomfort and soreness in quick time. Patients will feel at ease and their confidence in your dental practice will be enhanced. The laminated elastobyte wafers help in relieving the problems by increasing the blood circulation to teeth and gums. You can simply advise your patients to chew on these wafers for 15-20 minutes twice or thrice daily during the start of braces treatment.

The laminated elastobyte wafers are manufactured by our expert team in different flavors for making the patient experience more pleasant. Advise gentle biting pressure to prevent jaw pain.Tooth brushing becomes another problem once teeth are covered by braces and food debris accumulation becomes regular leading to tooth decay and decalcification as the treatment progresses. Furthermore, braces lacerate the inner sides of lips especially during the first few weeks of treatment. Comfort cover shields and orthodontic waxes are available at the Skydentalsupply website for the immediate prevention of these lacerations and braces relief gels once the ulcerations have developed.