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Basic orthodontic treatment planning, evaluation, assessment, and record keeping require three major types of media. These include properly trimmed stone-cast models of the dentition, radiographs, and orthodontic photographic records or clinical photographs. Dental photography mirrors are an important requirement for taking clear orthodontic images in addition to the digital camera, lenses, flash, cheek retractors, and an appropriate background. Skydentalsupply provides state of the art, long-handled and front-silvered, glass mirrors that are ideal tools for clinical photography especially for orthodontists, cosmetic dentist, and dental researchers.

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Adult Occlusal/Child Occlusal Photography Mirrors, Intraoral Photo Mirror System, and Photography Mirror are helpful in taking orthodontic photographic records. The clinical photographs captured by these devices and equipment allow the orthodontists to carefully study the existing patients soft tissue patterns during the treatment planning stage, assess lip morphology, the smile arc, smile esthetics from various angles and the assessment of the degree of incisal show upon smiling. These mirrors can be useful in dental photography for the purpose of research and publication, and for lecturing and teaching presentations. Moreover, the growing importance of the need for such records for medico-legal reasons cannot be over emphasized.

Direct digital photography using PixSure Perfect Intraoral Photo Mirror and RETRACTOR ORTHO TECH can provide visualization of images almost immediately, allows for immediate retakes when needed, can produce exact duplicate images, ease of manipulation, images can be easily stored and catalogues, can be immediately forwarded or shared with interested parties such as patients, laboratories, colleagues, insurance companies, and web sources for educational purpose. All the specialized dental photography mirrors offered by skydentalsupply are specifically designed for intraoral photography and are fabricated with chromium, rhodium, or titanium in different sizes for capturing high quality images of teeth, gums, and all intraoral structures.