As you’d expect, we’ve got all the wax products you could possibly need at Sky Dental, from every major supplier.

We like to make things easy for you, with all-in-one kits, like the Creation Wax Set from  Keystone Industries. It’s got 12 different colors, to allow modeling techniques like porcelain layering. You get grey transparent, white transparent, enamel blue transparent, yellow, orange, dentin, light dentin, cervical color, brown, light red-brown and dark brown. The enamel comes in gray, white, blue, yellow, orange, transparent, silver, gold, black and dentin (in two colors).

Another modelling system you might want to see is the Aluwax Waxed Cloth, Bite Wafers, Denture & Scored kit. This uses a sophisticated composite material that contains powdered aluminum to increase the integrity of the compound and provide the heat retention properties needed for efficient modeling. Not everyone knows about this remarkable system!

And check out the Yeti IQ Sculpturing Wax system from Keystone, too. This product has a high inner stability, that gets very hard, but not fragile. Because of its higher point of solidification, it’s ideal for summer. It has unusually good sculpting features. Get it in tins or in the IQ compact cylinder.

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