About Sky Dental Supply

From our beginnings as a home-based business to a nationally ranked dental supply distributor, we understand the pains of both the start-up practice and the booming clinic looking to scale their dental craft to the masses. If you are in the dental practice, then you are in the business of bringing relief from the pains of life and the joy of a smile well deserved. Fortunately, we are in the business of bringing relief from the pains of supply chain logistics and the joy of a thriving practice well deserved. Our in-stock selection means that orders placed before 4:00pm PST mean they usually ship out the same day. That why we inventory more than 20,000 of the most commonly used dental products and fought to become an authorized distributor of over 100 of the most respected manufacturers in dentistry. If you need it then we have it and if we don't, well then shame on us.

Then, for the start up dental practice or the budget conscience industry giant we offer our Sky Choice line as our house brand at amazing savings. After all, any product is only as good as the dental practitioner wielding it in their hands. If you are confident in your craft then you'l find confidence in our house brand. To the new dental practice, we will fuel your growth. To the practice looking to expand and scale, we will take your supply chain problems and make them our own. We will always be only as successful as the practices we serve. So give us a try and once you do we will be in this together. Independently owned and staffed by employees who embrace this mission, Sky Dental Supply has been helping dental professionals make beautiful smiles since 2001. So let us put a smile on your face today, so you can do the same for the rest of humanity. Sky Dental Supply, we are in this together. Let's make the world smile.