Surgical Blades

Check out our wide (and we mean wide) selection of blades and scalpels! We’ve got them in stainless and carbon steel, and in disposible form, in big multi-packs for busy practices like yours.

From Crosstex, we offer the #12 (also Ribback CS N/S), #12B, and #15 (also Ribback CS N/S). From J. Morita USA comes the #390 microsurgical.

And from Sky Choice, we offer the ever-popular carbon and stainless 100-packs, and also 10-packs of disposables. Our customers love these – they’re non-slip, with clear shields, integrated metric ruling, and cold-staked blades for absolute consistency of mounting position.

If you’re doing biopsies, look at the disposable Hi-light Short-handled Punch (box of 50), or the standard punch, of one-piece seamless stainless steel with easy-grip ribbing and easy-view size marking, both from Integra Miltex. Or see the Premier Dental Uni-punch, in 5.0 mm (packs of 25 and 50). These are also disposable, sharpened inside and out, and capped and sealed individually for safety in handling and disposal.

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