Sky Dental Supply Inc. reliable and timely provider to all Special Markets, DSO, and Small Independent Group Practices.

Our intent is to create dialogue with you about a potential partnership with Sky DentalSupply. Our company is a california based dental supplier that has been operating over 20 years and has built a strong relationship with many of our largest manufacturers in the dental industry. This has allowed Sky Dental to source from all the corners of the world to ensure the highest quality in its
HOUSE BRAND "Sky Choice"

Our Goal are the following:
* Building and fostering a working relationship.
* Introducing our cuurent price structure for practices of your size and caliber.
* Decreasing your supply spend without sacrificing product quality.

Sky Dental prides itself on its ability to provide the highest
quality dental supplies and materials at price points that fit your practice!
understanding and working closely with our partners has allowed
us to better understand their goals and how we can structure
a custom supply arrangement to best fit their needs.

Contact our Special Markets Consultant by calling toll-free
at 866 759-3368 or by emailing