Bur Blocks & Accessories

You want your chairside space decluttered, but you do need things like bur blocks and other little accessories in your clinical life. We’ve got a wide selection of what you need to keep organised and streamlined.

One neat item is a round, 28-hole bur block from Plasdent. What better way to keep things centralised and tidy! We’ve got a bur block with a clear cover, too, from Diadent. It’s got space for 36 of your gadgets. We’ve got bur blocks in aluminum, as well. Or, if you prefer, you can go the portable route, with Plasdent’s clever bur caddy. This novel solution even comes in 6 different colors! When it’s time to sterilize, have a look at Zirc’s lovely Bur Guard 12. It’s autoclavable, and it’s got good drain holes to prevent any rusting.

You’ll need dressing stones, and bur brushes, and we’ve got those, from Sky Choice and Premier Dental. You can even get a cleaning brush from Pac-Dent that telescopes!

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Aluminum Bur Block (pacdent)
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Ims Bur Cushion
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Pascal Bur Bath
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