Elastomeric Products

Elastomeric chains. Wide range of lengths and colors. Always fade-resistant. Made from medical grade polyurethane, not latex. Extreme™ Chain offers extra tensile strength, for less deformation and better rebound qualities – it’s 25% stiffer than maximum chain, and it’s thinner.

Separators, and power sticks. Smooth, non-latex, plastic separators from Ortho are radio-opaque, and come in packs of 1,000. Power sticks, in many colors – and in mini sizes – hold 10 molded ligatures. They’re non-latex, and designed for minimum cross-contamination. Elastic thread and lip bumper sleeve. High-stretch and rebound, from Ortho. Stain-resistant and latex-free.

Open coil springs. The Tooth Tone coated NiTi system, from Ortho, comes in 7-inch length 3-packs, and guarantees consistent force for superior aesthetic results. 

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