Dental Equipment

For dental equipment, we’ve got it all! 

Check out our curing lights, like the Cure II cordless LED system. It’s the latest in high-power LED technology, putting out 1200mWcm2 in two different output modes. It cuts manufacture-recommended cure time in half on compatible cure materials. It’s small and light, and ergonomically perfect for gripping from any angle. And remember – it’s cordless! 

We’ve got handpieces, that work at every angle, at every speed, in light or heavy duty. Take a look at the #220 handpiece and foot control from Buffalo Dental, the new 40,000 RPM handpiece with upgraded bearings and more durable square carbon brushes. The console is better, too, with dual power outlets now, to allow fast and easy handpiece switching. A higher-voltage output and additional overload control help protect the handpiece during extended heavy grinding. 

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Have a look at our ultrasonic cleaners. We offer many options, with LCD interfaces for customized operation, big tank capacity, at 4.8L, and dimensions that fit neatly into your operating rooms. We’ve got all the accessories and supplies that go with these, too.

Need an ultrasonic scaler? Look over the BioSonic US 100R, from Coltene. It’s a magnetostrictive system that automatically adjusts to work with any manufacturer’s 25KHz or 30KHz inserts. Get faster hard calculus removal with an on-demand maximum power turbo-boost button.

We’ve got all the sheaths, tips, inserts, and grips you need, too.

Want the best new aid in caries detection? Everybody loves the CamX Spectra, from Air Techniques. This is a non-invasive fluorescence device, that eliminates the guesswork in detecting and diagnosing tooth decay, and plaque and calculus as well. Even patients like it, because they can see what’s going on!

Digital processors are an important part of dental life these days. We’re especially proud of the DIGIREX PSP Scanner System from Apixia. The Apixia PSP packs tremendous imaging power into a small package. Tiny enough to fit next to your chair, it’s robust enough to be used centrally by the entire office. Imaging with PSP plates is as flexible and patient-friendly as film, and as fast and eco-safe as digital radiography. We have all the plates and barrier envelopes you’ll need, too.

Do you use intra-oral cameras? The CamX Triton HD, from Air Techniques, is the ultimate device for patient education, caries detection, and accurate clinical documentation. Use it with the Interchangeable Head System, and toggle easily and quickly between diagnosing and imaging. For something more portable, you might consider the Mini SD Card Camera System, from TPC Advanced Technology. It’s light, it’s cordless, and it connects right to your LCD monitor.

Intra-oral x-ray equipment is a Sky Dental specialty. Look at our popular ProVecta HD wall-mounted system. Featuring the precision of a DC generator with a 0.4mm focal spot, this is a perfect companion to any ScanX PSP machine. The DC tube reduces patient radiation dosing by more than 25% compared to conventional AC units. We’ve got the accessories, too. We’ll make sure you have all the film, loops, finishers, and fixers you need – and even radiation monitors!

You need sterilizers, and we’ve got the full range. Our customers love the EZ11 Plus fully automatic autoclave, from Tuttnauer. It’s got a multi-color display, that shows cycle parameters, and temperature and pressure in the chamber. Everything dries by pumped air, with the door closed. The exceptionally deep 19.8" chamber works in a variety of loading options to suit any office. Monitor this lovely machine remotely – with the onboard USB drive!

Augment your equipment inventory with medical products, like the wrist monitor kit from BV Medical, for staying ahead of irregular heartbeat or changes in blood pressure, or the Instadose radiation Dosimeter, the only accredited USB-compatible device that lets you measure your radiation dose anytime, as often as you wish. Shopping for resuscitation equipment? You’ll like the cart-mounted E Oxygen Cylinder resuscitator kit, from MADA, Inc. There’s a reusable one with a reservoir, for children, also from MADA.

Looking for replacement parts for any of the machines in your office?  We have a parts list that numbers well over 700 items that you can choose from! Whatever it is, we probably have it!