Starting from the innovative & state of the art alloy bond kit for bonded amalgam restorations competitive to bonded white fillings with an added advantage of greater strength, Skydentalsupply can provide you with the most economical restorative range including amalgam bucket, amalgam carrier DE metal, D650 N digital amalgamator, GS-80 spill capsules and much more.  Our durable products provide permanent solution for the replacement of decayed tooth structure with operator’s ease and patient’s satisfaction.

At skydentalsupply, you can conveniently order our modern products from an easy to understand catalogue on our fast-to-use website. We ensure quality of our restorative dental products with the most economical deals and discounts for our prestigious customers. We provide the most friendly and fast customer care 24/7 with the easiest feedback portal to enhance your pleasant shopping experience with us. We aim at offering our customers the cheapest yet, most sophisticated and ingenious supplies for your dental office in the global dental supply industry. 

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Acadia Replacement Filter w/Recycle Kit
Price: $725.00 $730.00 Save: 1%
Alloybond (SDI)
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Amalgam Royale Copper (DMG)
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Amalgam Well (Miltex)
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