Bonding Cements

Bonding kits and tips, primer-activated and light-cure band cement syringes. Work the way you like, with every possible bonding combination. Two-in-one mixing and bonding pads make things efficient. 10-packs of button bonder tips from Ortho Tech keep you moving quickly. Choose from 7 different Mini-Mold™ aids. Light-activated band cement gives you longer working time, and quick setting time. Place it right into the bands. Blue, for ease of visibility. Contains fluoride, for less decalcification.

Nola Dry Field arch-access system. Adjustable, high-comfort soft tissue retraction, for full exposure of both arches and saliva-free bonding across every application. Assembles easily, designed to be used by a single operator. Completely autoclavable.

Gel and liquid phosphoric acid etchant, with applicators. Green, for easy visibility. Ideal viscosity assures no running or overflowing – gel stays where you put it. Non-drying and water-soluble.

Mini-molds, and plastic bonding trays. Mini-molds, from Ortho Technology, save chair time and make life easy for anxious patients. 5-20 seconds is all it takes to fill the tip, place it on the tooth, and light-cure with the resin attachment. Maximize your efficiency with Ortho’s popular full-bracket bonding trays. For use with or without mixing wells.

Volume adaptors with ‘Y’ connectors. Assure total evacuation for completely dry environment. Choose low, standard, or high flow volume. Available in 4-pack.

Tongue blocks and guards. Ease your patient’s experience by letting them relax their jaw, and ease your own experience by letting them swallow, helping keep the field dry. Cherry-scented for extra comfort. 

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