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Cementing has gotten to be a pretty specialized process. Materials and techniques vary quite a lot.

What’s popular among a lot of our customers? 

One item is the ‘Adherence SC’ permanent resin syringe kit, from Septodont. It’s built around a BIS-GMA self-curing resin, that can be used for the final cementation of crowns, including short or difficult crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays and Maryland bridges. It’s got a very strong bond to metal, composite resin, enamel and dentin. It contains fluoride. The kit comes with 2 4.5gm auto-mix syringes (1 base and 1 catalyst), 10 mixing tips and 1 mixing pad.

Another is Septodont’s ‘Adherence DC’ system. This is for the final cementation of implant prosthesis, crowns and bridges, inlays and onlays, Maryland bridges and veneers. It’s radiopaque, with high compressive and flexural strength and a low film thickness. It contains fluoride too. Buy the kit and get 5 4gm auto-mix syringes in clear, white, yellow, brown, and opaque, and 25 mixing tips as well.

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AbsoLute Universal Resin Cement (Centrix)
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