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Appliances and ligation: what’s best for oral hygiene?

By: Sky Dental Supply

Orthodontists tell us all the time that that their patients, or more usually their patients’ parents, fret about keeping teeth clean during the course of orthodontic treatment.

They worry that food will get trapped in the appliances, and there will be a long-term increase in likelihood of dental caries and gingivitis, and they ask if there isn’t a way to minimize all of this by choosing the appliance judiciously. Sometimes they’re very well read, and they even know about trends in anti-microbial adhesives.

In choosing the best appliance, with oral hygiene in mind, they think, and orthodontists often think, that clear aligners, and self-ligated brackets, are better than the usual fixed appliance system.

Bond strength and brackets: to etch or not to etch?

By: Sky Dental Supply

It’s not for us to tell you how to manage your orthodontic patients, but we do keep careful track of all the clinical literature out there, so that we can be of good counsel to you when you choose practice supplies. Like you, we want your patients to have the very best care there is.

One strain in recent literature is whether or not to etch. You’ll know this conversation has been around since the 1950’s, and it picked up late in the 1970’s, when direct-bonding of brackets to teeth came along, and people stopped using bands. Traditionally, there would be a total-etch adhesive system, where you’d clean the enamel, put on phosphoric acid, rinse and dry, and then do the adhesive and a composite resin.

How To Choose The Best Orthodontics Supplies

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So many things have changed in the world of orthodontics over the past few years. One only needs to watch the daily ads on TV, news media, and other communication channels to understand the recent advancements that have taken place in this industry. A few years ago, orthodontists were faced with the problem of selecting the most suitable supplies and equipment for their practice. While this still poses challenges (but at a lesser rate), advancement in technology has made sorting and buying orthodontics equipment more accessible and faster.

Purchasing Dental Supplies On A Tight Budget

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Dental supplies are an important component of the dental and orthodontic industry. It will be difficult for dentists to efficiently carry out their jobs daily without the proper dental supplies, devices, or technologies. Before we address the theme of this article, shall we talk about the wide variety of dental products and supplies provided by the different manufacturers?

What Is Preventive Dentistry And Top Preventives For You Today

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As the saying goes; Be a good boss, always brush and floss. Preventive dentistry is the simply the part of dentistry that focuses on keeping your teeth clean and healthy. Preventive dentistry is more concerned about preventing the problems than creating or implementing a solution from ailments like gum disease, wear and tear of the enamel and cavities. To put it simply, by visiting the dentist regularly, you have partaken in some form of preventive dentistry.

Dental Products You Should Purchase

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Dental care involves the processes aimed at keeping the mouth clean and free from any disease. It also takes care of problems associated with regular brushing of the teeth and cleaning between the teeth. A visit to your local pharmacy will reveal a wide range of dental materials or products which can assist make your smile broader, your teeth whiter and your oral cavity healthier. These dental care products range from the ordinary toothbrushes, mouthwashes, polishing, oral irrigators, dental curing lights ultrasonic cleaners to other over-the-counter whitening systems.

The Efficacy Of Dental Materials And Top 3 Dental Materials To Purchase Today

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As the saying goes “An attractive smile makes a lasting impression!” Dental health or Dental hygiene is a critical part of human health. Dental health involves the proper cleaning of your teeth, healthy diet and regular visits to the dentist.  You can avoid most tooth diseases by ensuring you give your dental health priority.