Embrace Wetbond Resin Cement (Pulpdent)

Embrace Wetbond Resin Cement (Pulpdent)

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Vendor: Pulpdent Corporation
Manufacturer part number: EMCAR
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Contains No Bisphenol A, No BIS-GMA, No BPA Derivatives

For cementation of PFM, gold, CEREC®* and reinforced ceramics for crown and bridge; Inlays, gold, metal, titanium and fiber posts

Embrace Resin Cement is the first self-adhesive resin cement that bonds to the slightly moist tooth. Embrace is a moisture-friendly, ionic resin, not a glass ionomer, and is fully compatible with the moist oral environment. Embrace forms chemical bonds to dentin and enamel, precious and non-precious metals, ceramics, composites, and fiber posts. Bonding agents are not required; however, they can be used if desired. It is not necessary to etch dentin, but etching uncut enamel surfaces is indicated.

Embrace Resin Cement is non-irritating, self-adhesive, contains no solvents, requires no etching or drying of dentin, and provides an exceptional seal against microleakage. These features eliminate the major causes of sensitivity.

Self-Adhesive – Moisture Tolerant

  • Bonds in a slightly moist field
  • Self-adhesive properties
  • Self-etching to dentin
  • Eliminates microleakage

Recommended for Zirconium

Independent testing shows retention value for Embrace is 29.32 kg and is equal to or better than the leading cement brands. “The retention values for Zirconium copings are enough to recommend, without reservation, Embrace Resin Cement for Zirconium restorations

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