Finishing & Polishing

Finishing and polishing is part of any busy practice. We’ve got assorted kits to make it easy.

A big seller is the ‘Dentists’ Favorite’ 141-piece assortment from Dedeco. It’s designed for use with the most popular chair-side abrasives. It’s for finishing, polishing and texturing every kind of material.

Looking for replacement bits? We’ve got discs, like the Garnet X-Coarse Paper line from E.C. Moore. These are brass-centered, and you can get them in 12-box sets, of 50 discs each. E.C. Moore makes a complete Line of mandrels, too: get them in 6-packs and save!

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Maybe you’re doing something a little more ambitious. Our Dura-Green DIA Diamond Stone, from Shofu Dental, is just what you need for contouring porcelains, doing ceramic copings, or fine-tuning anatomical details or fragile, sensitive margin areas.

Dura-Green stones are densely diamond-packed, which means you get smoother surfaces on all-ceramic and zirconia restorations than you get with the old silicon carbide instruments.

You’ve got a lot of options in finishing and polishing strips. There’s the EPITEX system from GC America, for example. This is perfect for doing interproximal surfaces (composite, glass ionomer or metal restorations). It’s ultra-thin, because abrasive particles are not bonded to the strip by any adhesive. That’s why EPITEX allows easier access to tight contact points, which helps minimize gingival damage.

Or maybe you’d like the diamond-coated GripStrip system from Centrix. This is for proximal finishing and polishing. These strips each feature two diamond grit combinations, to enable rapid and exact shaping, finishing and polishing. Easy-to-grip handles mean easy manipulation and precise control. Handle shape easily identifies the right GripStrip for each use. There’s an abrasive-free zone, so you can slide through contact points without abraiding intact enamel. These are stainless steel, so you can autoclave them and use them practically forever.