A large number of dental restorative materials having different properties have been available in the market. Specialist dental professionals choose the required restorative materials according to the variable requirements intended in each patient. Dental amalgam alloys have been considered as the most commonly used restorative option since ages with the utmost durability and ease of manipulation. This alloy is a popular restorative biomaterial containing mercury in a liquid form in metal alloy forming a mixture. At skydentalsupply, Silver, tin, copper and traces of certain other metals in liquid mercury produce a mixture with great strength, durability, resistance to fracture and longevity which is much needed for restoring the molars involved in everyday chewing and mastication of food.

Skydentalsupply always keeps in view the needs of its customers and we focus on devising different forms of the alloys to be used in all situations for achieving the strongest restorations in posterior teeth.  Amalgam alloy fillings and restorations have an added advantage of being economical with adequate strength. Bonded alloy material has revolutionized the concept of alloys fillings. Dental resin composite fillings have been always debated by the clinicians and opponents of alloys to be conservative of tooth structure due to their ability to make a micro-mechanical bond with enamel and dentine. This added advantage of composite filling material has been now equalized by the development of bonded amlagam alloys. Now, the only superiority of composite fillings over amalgam alloys is their whitish color and esthetics which is not a greater concern for most patients in the posterior teeth, the molars where an extra chewing strength provided by the alloys is always beneficial.

Skydentalsupply offers the innovative and state of the art Alloybond kit containing the resin adhesive for amalgam bonding with the natural tooth structure makes a tight seal which helps in overcoming the major drawbacks of conventional amalgam fillings. Our latest, ingenious and cost-effective ALloybond kit  ensure decreased microleakage problems, lesser chances of caries recurrence, lesser post-operative sensitivity, enhanced fracture resistance, reduced tendency of cuspal deflection, decreased pulpal inflammation leading to greater retention, durability and long term restoration success. Bonded amalgam alloys have largely solved the compromised treatment options for cracked cusps and teeth conserving natural tooth structure. Skydentalsupply also presents the most economical Amalgam bucket, Amalagam well Miltex and Amalgam well for an opportunity to restore maximum number of decayed teeth with utmost ease and cost-effectiveness. Our prime products D650N digital amalgamator, Ultramat 2 high speed amalgamator, GS-80 Spill capsules & Permite amalgam caps will surely reduce your appointment time span with the fastest mixing, trituration and placement with Amalgam carrier DE metal increasing the overall revenue and efficiency of your staff. Skydentalsupply has the most diverse range of alloys, their mixing mechanics, the instruments needed and finally, the smooth finishing for achieving restoration longevity.