Ultrasonic Cleaners

Antisepsis and disinfection constitute a basic necessity before putting surgical dental instruments within the autoclave for sterilization procedure. Antisepsis ensures the application of an antiseptic solution or an agent that can inhibit the microbial growth while remaining in contact with them. Disinfection is a process which reduces the number of viable microorganisms to an acceptable level but may not inactivate some viruses and bacterial spores. Stainless steel dental surgical instruments are susceptible to the strong adhesion of some of microbial strains, prions, dental cements, materials, and surgical debris. Simple manual cleaning will not ensure complete debridement of these and needs special ultrasonic cleaning devices and solutions prior to sterilization procedures. Skydentalsupply offers cost-effective and efficient ultrasonic cleaners, equipment and chemical solutions to ensure thorough disinfection and debridement of dental surgical instruments before sterilization to confirm complete prevention and protection of patients against infectious diseases.

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Ultrasonic cleaners perform the much need pre-sterilization with the prime objective to remove organic debris, blood, and saliva from the instruments, which act as protective barrier for microorganisms and prevent their destruction. Ultrasonic cleaners act on the principle of electrical energy conversion into vibratory sound waves which pass through a chemical disinfection solution or soap solution containing the instruments. This method is primarily used for burs, bone files, bone cutters, artery forceps, and saw. Furthermore, the maintenance of sterility during transportation and storage is of prime importance. Preset trays and cassettes, provided by skydentalsupply are useful which can help in organizing the instruments in an ordered manner as per procedure.