Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution Gallon

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Sky Choice General Purpose Ultrasonic Solution – Liquid

Advanced formulation combines nonionic surfactants, powerful
chelators and corrosion inhibitors that enhance the cleaning action
produced by ultrasonic cleaners while protecting and extending the
life of delicate instruments.
Effectively removes dried blood, saliva, pumice, rouge, buffing
compounds, food debris, foreign matters and soils of all types
from instruments and appliances when used in conjunction with an
ultrasonic cleaner.
May be used directly in the ultrasonic tank or as a sonic conductor
when using Optimize Tarter & Stain Remover.

10:1 Concentrate provides for easier storage.
For use prior to final sterilization.

1. Use 1 part General Purpose Concentrate to 10 parts water.
2. Total immersion time for items not to exceed 30 minutes.
3. Rinse items thoroughly with water prior to sterilization.
4. Prepare fresh solution daily or when solution becomes cloudy.

1 Gallon Bottle


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