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For composite core build ups, check out the Absolute Dentin Core Cartridge Kit from Parkell. Its Automix feature mean quick dispensing, and its stronger core means less flexing. Densely filled (75%) with fluoride/barium glass, it makes one strong, stable support for restorations – at 172 MPa flexural strength. It’s radiopaque, and it cures by itself in 4 minutes, or in 40 seconds with light, all to a Barcol hardness of 72 – that’s the typical hardness of dentin.

Or have a look at our glass ionomer core build ups, like the Miracle Mix Crown & Core Build-Up system, from GC America. Miracle Mix offers the proven formula of glass ionomer cement with 100% fine, silver alloy powder for lasting core build-ups, block-outs and repair. It’s a strong direct bond, with a high fluoride release. It shrinks and expands like tooth structure, and it won’t stain surrounding teeth. It sets in 4 minutes.

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Need dentin replacement? There’s the ever-popular Biodentine, from Septodont.

Biodentine is a bioactive substitute for crown and root repair. Its shrinkage is zero. It’s ideal for damaged dentin, and it helps with remineralization, preservation of pulp, and prevention of clinical failures.

For easy and innovative restoration of teeth, Direct Composite Veneer is the emerging system. Combining prefabricated and composite techniques, it’s an inexpensive way of conserving tooth structure with a tiny and eye-pleasing layer of hard veneer. It’s easy to customize, and its internal surface, powered by a micro-retention system, really adds to its wettability, which means a longer, better bond.

Do you use light cure composites? The Accolade PV Kit, from Zest Dental Solutions is a complete veneer application system designed by a major lecturer and clinician. Six shades included in the kit satisfy nearly any aesthetic situation. Accolade is highly thixotropic, so it adapts readily but does not slump. It’s fantastically polish- and wear-resistant. It comes now with natural fluorescence and 0.7 micron filler. Accolade PV Try-In Composites are the same composite, but without a photo initiator, for getting a shade match that’s even more accurate. These are optically the same as the cementing composites, but they won’t set. That means there’s no need for full Try-In removal. Excess Try-in cement simply brushes off.

Maybe you prefer self cure composites. Take a look at the Natural Cure Composite Kit from DMG America. This is for anterior use. It has low shrinkage, and it’s very strong physically. It’s set up for universal color match. The kit contains a 14 gm base, 14 gm catalyst, and all the accessories you need.

We’ve got the devices you need for restorations too. See the Therma-Flo Composit Warming Kit from Vista Dental Products. Vista Dental really has revolutionized composite delivery, with this uniquely engineered system that uses heat to optimize the performance of any of your preferred composite materials. Use it with Vista's Composite Syringe, with a Step Down tip, for deeper access and greater precision in composite placement.

When you’re conserving teeth, you should know about our dye-based caries detection products. These support excavation of infected and decalcified outer tooth structure. They help reduce the removal of healthy and demineralized dentin, preserving tooth and protecting pulp vitality. Then, there’s the Icon Smooth Surface Caries Infiltration system, from DMG America. This is an entirely new, revolutionary approach to treating incipient caries. It uses micro-invasive technology to fill, reinforce, and stabilize demineralized enamel without any drilling or any sacrificing of healthy tooth structure. It’s available in both smooth-surface and proximal applications.

For restorations, we’ve got it all. Don’t forget to look over our enormous array of micro applicators, syringe needle tips, light cure tins and opaquers, and sealers and liquid polishers too!