Clearfil SE Protect (Kuraray)

SKU: K70306.
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Kuraray America Inc.
Manufacturer part number: 2881KA
Price: $153.99

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  • Antibacterial cavity cleansing properties
  • Low post operative sensitivity
  • High bond strength
  • Fast and simple procedure (no rinsing)
  • Fluoride releasing properties
  • Direct restorations using light-cured composite resin or compomer(1)
  • Cavity sealing as a pretreatment for indirect restoration(2)
  • Treatment of hypersensitive and/or exposed root surfaces(3)
  • Intraoral repairs of fractured crowns/bridges made of porcelain, hybrid ceramics or composite resin using light-cured composite resin(4)
  • Surface treatment of prosthetic appliances made of porcelain, hybrind ceramics and cured composite resin(5)
  • Core build-ups using light or dual-cured composite resin(6)
  • Cavity sealing under amalgam restorations(7)
  • For indications (1), (2),(3), (6) and (7), the device exhibits an antibacterial cavity cleansing effect.

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