Infection Control

Our mission is not only the provision of quality dental products and technologies but also to improve the profitability of our customers and their patients' health. Infection control procedures and products are manufactured to prevent the contamination and spread of diseases. In reality, we understand that the need to secure the safety and health of your patients, and we've sourced the best infection control products for your dental practices. Therefore, such products like AutoClave Cleaners, Hand Lotions, soaps and sanitizers, Masks, Garments, and other OSHA compliance products are important for today's dental practice. These products are a mainstay for your practice, and you can never overpay for such products.

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COEfect Minute Flow & Surface Disinfectant Wipes
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Com-Fit Plush Natural Fit Mask ASTM 1 White 40/box
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Discide® Ultra Spray
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Disposable Face Shield with foam Each
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Dural Proof Earloop mask Level 2 Blue
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