Impression Material

There’s more than one way to get impressions – and we’ve got every option for you at Sky Dental Supply! 

A popular bite registration system in the Pro-Pac Fast Set Consistency kit from Keystone Industries. You can get 50 Big Bite Trays to use with this.

A lot of practices use disposable impression trays, like the BeeSure True Impression 3 in 1 system from EcoBee. This uses stainless steel connectors, for stability and ease of access. The trays have uniquely rigid walls for better retention, and tear-resistant high-quality mesh, and a wide occlusal plane design.  They’re made from 30% recycled plastics.

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What about impression material?

Perhaps you like alginates. You might try Cavex Orthotrace. It’s patient-pleasing, with no dust, no lead, no cadmium – and a natural fruit smell! It sets fast, but you can cast impressions twice with this.

For compound impression material, see the ISO FUNCTIONAL package, with 15 120 gm sticks, from GC America.

For hydrocolloids, there’s the AquaLoid line from Gingi-Pak. This provides the most consistent and accurate impressions for crowns, bridges, partials, inlays and onlays. It’s available in three different tempering varieties – the Blue Fast temper for getting it done in a few minutes, the stronger Green Heavy Bodied 5-7 minute temper, and the Purple Extra Strength 5-10 minute temper, the strongest hydrocolloid on the market. AquaLoids are comfortable for patients, and they’re also the most economical alternative to silicone materials. Use them with Gingi-Pak’s Cohere Dry Conditioner syringes.

A lot of practices favor rubber-based impression material. For that we’ve got the OMNIFLEX Fast Set system from GC America, or the COE-FLEX Regular Body system, also from GC America.

For silicones, check out the Flexitime Dynamix Monophase ProScan system from Kulzer. This is right for all monophase indications, and offers perfectly optimised final hardness and hydrophilicity with the flexible handling you expect.

If you like VPS impression material, we’re proud to offer AFFINIS Black Edition, from Coltene. It’s part of a system that guarantees excellent readability of impressions. It’s got a unique way of supporting qualitative assessment of impression results: it reduces light-scattering, so you can really see what you’re looking at. It’s what we recommend if extremely high precision is needed.

And of course there’s always ZOE and non-ZOE paste at Sky Dental. We offer Plastopaste Zinc Oxide Eugenol Impression Paste in standard kit form, for example, from Keystone Industries, or, from GC America, a COE-FLO Standard Package, with 115 gm of base and 124 gm of catalyst.

For impressions, as for anything else your practice needs, we’ve got it all!  Don’t forget to look over our long catalog list of syringes, trays, tray adhesives, and cleaners!