Nobody beats Sky Dental for lab supplies.

Shop with us, and get exactly what you need. We carry every kind of saw blades and frame, adhesive, primer, solder, wax, and porcelain. Choose from several different kinds of splash hoods! Working with light-cured materials, or self-cure acrylics? We can supply you whatever you need for either. And check out our long line of specialty brushes and buffs, too, and our polishing and grinding tools.

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Gi Mask Automix
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Gleco Trap
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Infinity Burnout Oven (whipmix)
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Do you work with wax a lot? Almore’s Catalina2000 Waterbath is a smaller version of the popular Catalina Waterbath, and is used for wax softening. This unit has a stainless steel basin, detachable thermometer, and thermostat control. Adjustable temperature settings range from 100° F to 212° F. The basin measure 6-3/8"x6-3/8"x4" and can hold 1 ½ quarts of water.

If you’re looking through our mounting plates and articulators, look at the deluxe system from Keystone. It’s got a 4-piece mounting disc set, 2 plastic mounting magnet plates, a curved plate, a flat plate, a long incisal pin, a central pin, and a white plate.

Need orthodontic products? One popular item is the rapid palatal expander system, from Ortho. It’s got an anti-unscrewing system with click-upon-turn indication. Its laser-marked graduated scale gives you an easier view of the opening. A wide chamfer makes for easy patient insertion of the opening tool. It’s stable, too: two telescopic components of the body always overlap. It’s strong, it’s compace, it’s comfortable – it’s even designed with no blind areas, for optimal oral hygiene.

And of course we’ve got lab burners and fuel. Especially popular? The APT III Burner, from Hager Worldwide. It’s as easy as you please, designed for simple, one-handed operation, with an adjustable flame, and all engineered for the highest user safety.