Dental Instruments

Sky Dental Supply has a huge range of dental instruments.

Shop for dental hygiene tools, like scalers and curettes, and also diagnostic instruments, like mirrors of every shape and configuration, and endodontic explorers, like the enduringly popular ones from Nordent: these have thin, flexible tips that taper to a sharp point, and come in various single- and double-end patterns. They’re all spring-tempered stainless steel, machine-ground and hand-sharpened. 

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For operative procedures, have a look at our large range of amalgam carriers, like the double-end stainless steel ‘regular’ model, from LargeHealth-Tec. Or, from Arnel, see the lever-type amalgam carriers, in a choice of stainless steel or delrin (plastic) tips. We’ve also got every manner of pluggers, spreaders, excavators, and condensers. Also, check out the angled packing instrument guyer, in shovel-head stainless, from Pascal: it’s got a unique shoulder curve at both ends for easier use, better balance, and better firmness. Want the best former in the business? Look at the stainless model from American Eagle, with the Belvedere handle – it’s engineered with serrated, oval cross-section heads to ensure mechanical retention. The flat torquing surface of these lightweight handles provides the best possible leverage when you’re applying composite material. Are you working with acrylic appliances? You’ll like the debonding plier, from Ortho Technology – it’s ideal for chairside adjusting and finishing, and it’s autoclavable up to 250°F/121°C.

We also carry specialty equipment, like the 1200cc Suction Canister (Hi-Flow), from Dyanrex. It was designed to fit EMS vehicles, so it’ll fit in your room easily. It’s a safe disposable option for infectious medical waste.

And of course we stock for your lab. Have your lab people look over our broad range of lab knives and spatulas especially, the stainless steel ones, with Rosewood handles, from Vista.

Check out our sharpening machines, like the InstRenew Sharpening Assistant, from Nordent. It comes complete with everything you’ll need to begin sharpening with professional results today. Or look over our sharpening instruments from PDT. It’s sharpening made easy! The ‘Stop, Rest, Glide!’ kit includes the Gleason Guide™, PingRing™ sharpness tester, and Diamond Head™ ceramic stones for shaping blades and maintaining that fine edge.

We carry dental instrument mats, too, flexible or rigid, some reversible – some even magnetic! 

They go well with dental instrument containers, like the large tool organizers from Zirc, customizable and designed for easy cleaning. These are compact enough to fit most sterilizers. Or there’s Zirc’s compact cassette organizer. It holds 8 instruments, keeps them in place with a locking strap (that can be modified to hold 11 instruments), and has a removable lid that enables the cassette to hold a mirror.

Use these alongside any of our dental instrument organizers, like our ever-popular chrome tub and lid racks, from Plasdent. They’re long-side loading, stackable, and have capacity for 8 trays and lids. 

For keeping things clean, we also have the latest dental instrument washers, like the HIP Ultra cleaning solution from SciCan, carefully formulated for compatibility with a wide range of materials and coatings, and Hydrim cleaning solutions: non-toxic, non-irritating, and completely biodegradable.