Implant Cleaning Scalers & Curettes

Cleaning implant supported tooth replacements has the same importance as cleaning and brushing natural teeth. Implant supported teeth are dependent upon healthy surrounding soft tissues and bone for their long-term prognosis. Removal of dental plaque bio-film from the implant crowns is as essential as removing it from the natural tooth surfaces. Without daily plaque removal, peri-implantitis can develop around the Osseo-integrated dental implants leading to implant mobility and ultimately, implant failure. It is extremely important to follow the implant home care guidelines and visit the dental specialists regularly to maintain dental implant health. Skydentalsupply manufactures and provides state of the art implant cleaning devices, scalers, and curettes for the increased efficiency and convenience of dental specialists to achieve excellent treatment prognosis.

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Implant cleaning devices, scalers, and curettes are specially fabricated keeping in view the safety of implant surfaces. Metal instruments used for periodontal care of natural teeth can damage the dental implant and crown surfaces. Instruments used for cleaning dental implant surface should not damage the crown, abutment, or the implant itself. It is important to maintain the highly polished, smooth surface of the abutment and crown. Scratches can attract and harbor microorganisms. In order to avoid scratches and damage to the implant and crown surface, implant scalers and curettes are made of plastics and resins. Powered ultrasonic instruments have nylon or plastic sheaths or tips to minimize implant damage. Skydentalsupply offer these implant friendly cleaners which achieve a smooth and polished surface through high frequency vibrations to remove large quantities of accumulated debris. These devices can be used on a low power setting with a lot of water irrigation, and sometimes antibacterial solutions, to clean and flush material.