Implant Instrument (American Eagle)
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Implant Instrument (American Eagle)

SKU: A290276
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: American Eagle Instruments Inc
Manufacturer part number: AEII204SX
Price: $71.99

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Modified Sickle Scaler with rounded toe and rounded back on one end and universal anterior curette on the other. Nebraska 128 is used for accessing small, tight spaces, such as circumference of implant abutment, crown margin, and over denture bars. Langer 5 used for accessing all maxillary and mandibular anterior implants.

Maxillary posterior Universal Curette. Designed to mimic shank angulations of Gracey 13/14. Used for accessing maxillary molar and premolar implant abutments on all surfaces.

Posterior Universal Implant Curette. Has a working end that is at a 90 degree angle to the terminal shank. Use for wide base implants.

Posterior Implant Scaler with the addition of a modified rounded toe and rounded back to reduce the risk of scratching the implant. Scale with short, horizontal strokes.

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