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Denture relining is an important part of any busy practice. We have just the right hard and soft preparations you need, from all the top vendors.

From GC America, there’s the Coe Rect line. Mix in 30 seconds, cure in 10 minutes! Use Coe Soft for temporary uppers and lowers. It’s completely polymerized in about 15 minutes. Or choose GC’s own Reline, patient-friendly with no methacrylate, self-curing and cool, or the Reline II, a vinylpolysyloxane for the soft work you’re used to doing, only with better adhesion and easier grinding. It comes in a whole kit, too! GC also has the classic Kooliner, designed for low exothermic heat and quick, 10-minute self-curing, right in the patient’s mouth.

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Dentusil has a silicone-based soft reliner in a cartridge, for one-visit convenience.

From Lang Dental comes the Flexacryl hard resin, a cool, long-lasting formula that doesn’t craze and will not warp the denture plate. It comes in clear, pink, and fibred pink. There’s the comfortable Flexacryl soft resin, too, plasticized to remain flexible for up to a year. For short-term fixes, you can get the very soft Tempo reline. It’s especially good for sore gingiva and ridges. It’s a pleasant-tasting powder and liquid combination, that’s ideal as a functional impression material. It’s available in clear, P1, and white.

There’s also the Parkell Mucosoft and Mucohard systems. They’re non-runny, require no mixing, and they set without a curing light. They’re good for big jobs or small, and they blend nicely with all denture bases.

The Sofreliner system from Tokuyama is also very popular with our customers. It’s an addition-cured silicone solution, that doesn’t stain, irritate, or smell. This comes in two grades of softness.

And from our trusty colleagues at Keystone, we’ve got the Truliner system – the classic ‘Original’ formulation for extended wear, up to 5 years, and the Truliner ‘New’, updated to be no-sting, no-burn, and able to restore that original denture fit in as little as 10 minutes. Don’t forget the Trusoft reliner, either, an excellent formulation for that extra-easy patient experience!