What Is Preventive Dentistry And Top Preventives For You Today

As the saying goes; Be a good boss, always brush and floss.

Preventive dentistry is the simply the part of dentistry that focuses on keeping your teeth clean and healthy.

Preventive dentistry is more concerned about preventing the problems than creating or implementing a solution from ailments like gum disease, wear and tear of the enamel and cavities.

To put it simply, by visiting the dentist regularly, you have partaken in some form of preventive dentistry.

What are the major activities that make up preventive dentistry?

  • Brushing your teeth regularly
  • Flossing like a star
  • Eating healthy foods and drinks
  • Visiting your dentist regularly

Good oral hygiene is a no-brainer. You should ensure it is more of a habit than an obligation.

Good Oral Hygiene should be taught to kids from a tender age, so that they can adopt preventive dentistry from an early age and prevent common teeth ailments.

Caring for your oral health today can save you a lot of money and stress. This is what preventive dentistry stands for.


 At sky dental Supply, we believe a healthy, and clean teeth is a must have for both young and old.

We have created a short 3-preventive list of products you should add to your dental hygiene arsenal today.

20 Hole Toothbrush Rack White

20 Hole Toothbrush Rack White

Toothbrush Hygiene is usually taken for granted. Most people lay them down or place them anywhere easily accessible. What they don't is that the toothbrush is full of bacteria, but there are some easy solutions to help reduce the number of germs that will enter the body via your toothbrush.

How do you prevent this travesty?

This 20-hole Toothbrush Stand is the perfect solution for your toothbrush storage needs. It is designed to hold up to 20 toothbrushes effortlessly, all at once.

The 20-hole toothbrush holders are made of hard white PVC.  They are designed to store toothbrushes in an upright position with enough of the toothbrush handle exposed for hands to remove the brushes without contaminating the bristles. They are clean, easy to use, compact, portable and chemical resistant.

2Tone Disclosing Agent Tablets 250/pkg


Walk up to the street and ask anyone if they're doing a good job brushing their teeth, and they will probably reply affirmatively. But brushing and flossing goes beyond just removing occasional left overs and bacteria.

You need to remove dental plaque from the hard-to-reach surfaces of your teeth.

However, it’s difficult to know whether plaque exists in these hard to reach regions.

What are you to do?

A disclosing agent provides the ultimate answers to this panacea.

The 2Tone is a specialized multi-colored disclosing agent to increase patient compliance. Older plaque stains blue while newer plaque stains red. Available in liquid or tablet varieties.

60:60 Rinse Fluoride Kit Bubblegum 4 -64oz Part A, 64oz Part B Rx

60:60 Rinse Fluoride Kit Bubblegum 4 -64oz

Everyone loves a dazzling, charming smile. And in recent years, there has been a lot of focus has been placed not only on the ideal structure and uniformity of our teeth, but also the ideal color.

Dentists and organizations in the oral health and hygiene industry have always heralded fluoride as a useful substance when it comes to teeth health. Fluoride is easily absorbed by our teeth and it strengthens teeth enamel.

Fluoride also helps prevent teeth decay as well as dental cavities.

This product is a two-part system of stannous fluoride and APF solution.

They come with metered pumps measure and dispense the two parts into the supplied mixing vial.

The Fluoride Kit contains sufficient solution for 256 patient treatments.

It also combines the benefits of stannous fluoride and APF in one quick and easy treatment.

Precludes the need for gel trays - patient simply swishes and expectorates.


Preventive dentistry has been in existence for over 3 decades and it has become the core of oral health care in recent times. Highly advanced oral health care dentists are paving way for new technologies and practices that can further promote the preventive dentistry industry.

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