Dental Products You Should Purchase

Dental care involves the processes aimed at keeping the mouth clean and free from any disease. It also takes care of problems associated with regular brushing of the teeth and cleaning between the teeth. A visit to your local pharmacy will reveal a wide range of dental materials or products which can assist make your smile broader, your teeth whiter and your oral cavity healthier. These dental care products range from the ordinary toothbrushes, mouthwashes, polishing, oral irrigators, dental curing lights ultrasonic cleaners to other over-the-counter whitening systems.

In our previous article, we were able to discuss the efficacy of dental materials, and we explained the top 3 dental polishing materials you should purchase. This present article will be targeted towards dental care products you should buy with emphasis on dental curing lights, ultrasonic-cleaners and ultrasonic-scalers.


Dental lights are described as a piece of dental equipment which is mainly used for the polymerization of light cure resin-based composites or dental materials. These lights are mostly used on several dental materials which can be cured by light. The type of light utilized for curing the dental composites depend on the wavelength of the light. These lights are divided into four light sources; lasers, plasma arcs, light emitting diodes (LED) and halogens. The most common curing lights you can easily find in the market are the LED and halogen curing lights.

The use of these curing lights has become an integral part of all specialties and dental practices. Most of the resin components, dental cement and adhesives tend to utilize light energy for their complete polymerization. This rate of polymerization determines the long-term clinical success of a procedure. An inadequate polymerization can lead to clinical failures resulting in de-bonding, fractured restorations, marginal discoloration and issues with sensitivity thus making it critical to select an ideal curing light. 

a. Advance LED-70 Cordless Curing Light, 110V

It comes with a protective eye-shield, a charging base, 8mm light guide, countertop stand with power indicator an in-built power transformer and an A/C power supply.

b. Coltolux 75 Curing Light

This is a state-of-the-art optical system which provides you with high powered curing energy from conventional halogen lamps. The high efficiency of the fan provides continuous heatless operation. It also comes with thermal protection against overheating, an audible start and stops trigger and a ten-second beeper with an auto-shut off.

FLASHlite Magna 4.0 LED Curing Light

c. FLASHlite Magna 4.0 LED Curing Light

Powered by an LED engine, Flashlite delivers an advanced beam collimation in a small and lightweight design. The beam collimation maximizes the curing power in deep preps with a high rate of focused and more powerful effective curing. This curing light offers a 1300mW/cm2, 10mm beam width which is ideal for complete coverage of the tooth, and a short head angle which grants access to the posterior teeth.   


Just as the name implies, these are cleaners which use ultrasound with a frequency of 20-40 KHz to agitate a fluid. These ultrasounds cleaners may be made up of water or some other solvents which are appropriate for the cleaning of the items. The cleaning process lasts between six to 20 minutes depending on the type of object to be cleaned.

BioSonic UC150 Ultrasonic Cleaner 1.5 Gallon Tank

a. BioSonic UC150 Ultrasonic Cleaner 1.5 Gallon Tank

BioSonic ultrasonic cleaner offers you great quality for all you expect from all your BioSonic products while taking care of the way some of the latest technological enhancements in ultrasonic cleaning. It features a wonderful design tailored for efficiency. It has data logging capability and downloads usage information via USB.

Accessory Kit #454 For Quantrex

 b. Accessory Kit #454 For Quantrex

Experience the complete effectiveness of ultrasonic accessory kits with this Accessory kit #454 for Quantrex.

Advanced Formula Temporary Cement Remover 1 Gallon

c. Advanced Formula Temporary Cement Remover 1 Gallon

This takes care of temporary cement with more effectiveness than the manual cleaners. It is the best replacement for manual cement removers when used in an ultrasonic.


This is one of the latest products introduced to revolutionize periodontal therapy. It has been utilized for dental hygiene and periodontal care with a better rate of effectiveness. This is mainly used by several dental professionals who are familiar with ultrasonic and sonic technologies. The use of these ultrasonic devices has dramatically improved the practice of periodontal debridement and supragingival scaling. The use of these ultrasonic scalers offers a wide range of benefits to dental experts.

.048 Tip 60 Degree

a. .048 Tip 60 Degree

30K Left-Curved Perio Insert

b. 30K Left-Curved Perio Insert

c. Amdent Piezo Scaler Tip SU1


If you are interested in purchasing the best dental products in the market, we suggest you search for products with the seal of acceptance from the American Dental Association (ADA). This seal means the product is trustworthy and has been confirmed as safe. The level of effectiveness and ease which these dental care products bring to the table is something that will significantly enhance all aspects of dental care.

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