Element VPS Impression Material (Pacdent)

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Manufacturer part number: PD-150
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Elements™ VPS Impression

Product Details

    Elements VPS impression material provides consistent, accurate and stable impressions.
    It features excellent tear strength and elongation for dimensional stability and precise
    replications in any environment.

    Elements VPS material flows into narrow crevices under pressure and immediately
    overcomes residual moisture to produce crisp detail of the preparation margin. It also
    resists dripping from the tooth into the oral cavity.

    Elements provides wide selection of setting times and viscosities. Fresh Mint flavor is
    designed for patient comfort. Regular package consists of 2 cartridges (50ml) and 6
    mixing tips.

    ● No distortion under dimensional change or temporary deformation
    ● Detailed and precise replications without voids or gaps
    ● Hydrophilicity lasts throughout the total working time
    ● Wide selection of setting times and viscosities

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