Ultrasonic Scalers

Dental plaque and calculus deposition are considered to be the major culprits for the initiation and progression of periodontal disease. It also accounts for the progression of tooth decay. Gum therapy, Scaling and polishing procedures are performed in the dental offices using manual, sonic and ultrasonic instruments for the removal of dental plaque and calculus. In addition to removing dental plaque and tartar from the tooth surfaces, ultrasonic scalers are useful for curettage and scraping off bits of inflamed tissues from the walls of the gingival crevice. Skydentalsupply offers state of the art ultrasonic scaler equipment and different tips with varying size & shape for cleaning all teeth surfaces within every quadrant in the oral cavity.

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Autoscaler AW
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Beaver Elite 2.0
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BioSonic Suvi
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Biosonic SUVi Elite System (Coltene)
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Biosonic SUVi Elite Plus System (Coltene)
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Biosonic SUVi Piezo Scaling Premier Plus (Coltene)
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Biosonic Suvi Tip Wrench Plastic Univers
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Biosonic Suvi Tip Wrench Slim Universal
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BioSonic US100R Ultrasonic Scaler
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Advance 850LED Piezo Scaler with Bottle System provides a comprehensive armamentarium for the complete treatment of periodontitis and bone loss in advanced stages of disease. It can access the diseased attachment apparatus of teeth and can help the clinician in achieving complete curettage for the removal of diseased gums, sub-gingival tartar deposits and infected bone tissues. In these piezoelectric ultrasonic scalers, the produced vibrations are linear (forward and backward) and only two sides of the tip are active. BioSonic Suvi Premier Plus Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler, Auto-scaler AW, Beaver Elite 2.0 Ultrasonic Scaler, Clean Machine Ultrasonic Scaler, Integra Ultrasonic Scaler 110V, and Jetsonic 2000M Combo Unit have got an excellent ability to remove supragingival calculus, sub-gingival tartar, and tenacious stains when used in combination with BioSonic Suvi Piezo Tip, BioSonic Piezo Tips, Amdent Pizeo Scaler TipSU1.

Endo Tip NSK Type is especially designed for achieving acoustic streaming and cavitation effects during preparation and chemo-mechanical debridement of root canals during the endodontic treatment. Orange ProphyBrite Air Polisher Unit Kit, ProphyBrite Air Polisher Unit Kit, Prophy Plus, and Red ProphyBrite Air Polisher along with Original Prophy Insert 25K, Original Prophy Insert 30K, Original Prophy Plus Insert 25K, and Original Prophy Plus Insert 30K ensure excellent polishing of teeth surfaces following professional scaling treatments with extra shine and smoothness of tooth enamel. This provides long term prevention of stain uptake especially in smokers, coffee and tea addicts.