Ultra Safety Plus
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Ultra Safety Plus

SKU: 01-N4252
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Septodont
Manufacturer part number: 01N4272
Price: $43.99  
Excludes Safety Plus XL Syringe Handle. Available until 03/31/2021. Not to be combined with any other offer and is subject to change. Promotional offer is stocked and shipped with your order by your dealer.
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Ultra Safety Plus XL      Safety Syringe

Ultra Safety Plus XL safety syringes feature a patented system with a sliding sheath that locks into place for disposing of contaminated needles. This system allows for use of multiple cartridges and has been proven in dental clinics around the world.

Hope will not protect you and your staff, but Ultra Safety Plus XL will reduce your risk. Your team deserves the best needle safety system available today, exclusively from Septodont.

Features and Benefits:

  • Sterile, single use, self-aspirating syringe system specially designed to prevent needle stick injuries
  • Bevel Indicator — Orient your needle quickly with our bevel indicator
  • Transparent Barrel - Provides easy inspection of solution during aspiration
  • Unique Sliding Protective Sheath - No longer necessary to unthread contaminated needle; Slide the protective sheath to cover the needle
  • Reloadable - Accepts multiple cartridges for single patient use.
  • Locking Mechanism - Stability and safety
  • Autoclavable Handle - Reusable handle,no additional waste
  • Pre-sterilized Single Use Handle - Individually packed - protection against cross-contamination

Box of 100 needle stick injury prevention devices,
individually packed and sterilized + 1 autoclavable handle

#01-N4252: 25g Long (red) 100 injection units & 1 syringe handle

#01-N4271: 27g Short (orange) 100 injection units & 1 syringe handle

#01-N4272: 27g Long (yellow) 100 injection units & 1 syringe handle

#01-N4300: 30g Extra-Short (purple) 100 injection units & 1 syringe handle

#01-N4301: 30g Short (blue) 100 injection units & 1 syringe handle

#01-N3000: Safety Plus XL Syringe Handle

#01-N3400: Ultra Safety Plus XL Pre-Sterilized Single Use Handles - 50 individually packed

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