Rapicide OPA/28 Disinfectant & Test Strips
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Rapicide OPA/28 Disinfectant & Test Strips

SKU: C80038.
Weight: 9 lbs
Vendor: Crosstex International
Manufacturer part number: ML020127
Price: $45.99

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3-second dip time and 90-second test strip read time.Easy-to-read indicator pad.Pass/Fail reference color chart on bottle.
Less Irritation to Eyes/Nose/Throat than Standard Glut.10-minute high-level disinfection time that's faster than all other OPA high-level disinfectants.Effectively inactivates TB, MRSA, VRE, HIV2 and Hepatitis.Lasts 28 days in comparison to 14 day use products.Up to twice the reuse life of existing OPAs! That's a 50% savings as you're using 50% less product!

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