Mr Thirsty One-Step Device

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Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Zirc
Manufacturer part number: 50Z987
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Mr. Thirsty One-Step

One simple step for a safe, happy, & efficient practice! Mr.
Thirsty® One-Step provides hands-free retraction, isolation, and
high-volume suction all in one device. Easily trim as needed without
compromising power & dispose when done – no maintenance or cleaning!

With the recent news regarding COVID-19, the Mr.Thirsty® One-Step
aligns with CDC and ADA recommendations to decrease aerosol production.
While no way exists to eliminate 100% of aerosols, studies have shown
that use of HVE and HVE with an attached device cuts aerosol production
by greater than 90%. A reduction in aerosols means a reduction in
potentially infectious materials in the air, making a safer environment
for both you and your patients.

Not made with natural rubber latex

Mr Thirsty

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