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GingiTrac 1:1 VPS Gingival Retraction System (Centrix)

GingiTrac 1:1 VPS Gingival Retraction System (Centrix)

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VPS Gingival Retraction System

GingiTrac is a medium-viscosity, vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) gingival retraction paste with 15% ammonium aluminum sulfate (alum) that gently displaces the gingiva from the tooth and stops bleeding. When used with GingiCap™ compression caps, the mechanical bite pressure of GingiCap combined with the astringent action of aluminum sulfate works to control bleeding and seepage in just minutes. GingiTrac cleans up easily and completely, without tissue trauma.

GingiTrac is compatible with all impression materials and can be used as the second cord in a 2-cord 
technique. And GingiTrac serves as its own preview of the final impression so you can be sure 
of a quality impression every time.

Two great delivery systems:

GingiTrac MiniMix: Simple, easy to use system that is more patient friendly and easier to access all areas of the mouth.

GingiTrac Automix Cartridges: Traditional 50mL cartridges plus SuperMixer™ mixing nozzles that reduce waste 33% and yield 10 more applications per cartridge.

  • Works gently, no tissue trauma or damage, and no need for cord
  • Contains ammonium aluminum sulfate astringent to control bleeding and oozing
  • Minimum set time of 2 minutes
  • Removes cleanly in one piece, no need to rinse off
  • Gives a preview of the final impression
  • Made in the USA

GingiTrac MiniMix Starter Kit contains:
24 Cartridges, 24 Mixing Nozzles, 20 Regular-sized GingiCaps, 20 Large-sized GingiCaps, 1 Snub-Nose Snap-Fit Gun

GingiTrac MiniMix Refill Kit contains:
48 Cartridges, 48 Mixing nozzles, 40 Regular-sized GingiCaps, 40 Large-sized GingiCaps

GingiTrac Refill Kit contains:
2 Cartridges (50mL), 10 Mixing nozzles, 10 Dispensing Tips

GingiTrac Standard Kit contains:
1 50mL 1:1/2:1 Automix Gun, 2 Cartridges (50mL), 40 Mixing nozzles, 40 Dispensing Tips, 30 Regular-sized GingiCaps, 30 Large-sized GingiCaps

GingiTrac Plus Kit contains:
4 Cartridges (50mL), 80 Mixing nozzles, 80 Dispensing Tips, 60 Regular-sized GingiCaps, 60 Large-sized GingiCaps

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