Access FLO Clay-Based Gingival Retraction Paste (Centrix)

SKU: C300735.
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Centrix
Manufacturer part number: 360122
Price: $53.99

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AccessFLO is a low-viscosity, flowable kaolin clay-based gingival retraction paste. Similar to Access Edge, it contains the active ingredients kaolin clay and aluminum chloride to help control bleeding and prevent seepage. A unique prefilled unit-dose tube allows for easier placement of material in and around the sulcus.

  • Convenient prefilled unit-dose tube: no mixing, no bulky cartridges or syringes
  • Dual astringent/hemostatic action - 15% aluminum chloride and kaolin clay
  • Retracts quickly, in 2 minutes
  • Rinses away and removes easily
  • Non-traumatic gingival retraction without packing cord
  • Can be used as the second cord in a “2-cord technique”
  • Individually packaged in foil pouches to keep material fresh
  • Can be used anytime a hemostatic agent is indicated
  • Made in the USA

AccessFLO 15
(360122), contains 15 prefilled tubes, 10 large GingiCaps and 10 regular GingiCaps.

AccessFLO 60
(360123), contains 60 prefilled tubes, 30 large GingiCaps and 30 regular GingiCaps.


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