Bite Registration

Fixed dental prosthesis and removable denture fabrication always aims at the provision of a jaw position that should be comfortable for the muscles, nerves and joints of the face especially the TMJ during functional movements such as chewing, biting and grinding of food. Bite registration is the procedure which helps in the recording and confirmation of exact interocclusal records of the patient for accurate prosthesis fabrication. Specialized bite registration materials are used during the recording of the exact interocclusal record for transferring the exact representation of patient’s bite to the dental laboratory. The rigid bite impressions using bite registration waxes or high durometer polyvinyl siloxane materials accurately record the relationship of upper jaw teeth with the mandibular teeth. Skydentalsupply provides high quality and state of the art bite registration materials for accurate and easy recording of the interocclusal relationship during prosthodontic procedures in the dental clinics.

The choice of using a specific bite registration material also depends upon the type of impression material selected for dentures, crowns and bridges fabrication. For example, type III baseplate waxes are compatible to use with alginate impression materials while high durometer PVS bite registration materials are better to be used when polyether impression materials are used. A PVS bite registration also provides excellent results in dual arch impressions. Zinc oxide eugenol impression pastes, putty like elastomers, auto-polymerizing resins and combination of materials can be used for bite registration in different cases.

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