Blu-Mousse Bite Registration (Parkell)

Blu-Mousse Bite Registration (Parkell)

SKU: P22152_
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Parkell, Inc.
Manufacturer part number: S438S
Price: $53.99

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  • 2-minute set.
  • Stays stacked on the occlusal surface during placement.
  • Light and fluffy consistency allows the patient to passively close without resistance into maximum intercuspation (centric occlusion).
  • Hardens to a plaster-like final set with a durometer of 90 to ensure precise articulations. (Use of lower durometer materials can lead to articulation errors due to elastic compression and rebound.)
  • Does not distort between the time the bite is taken and when the lab articulates the models.
  • Resists breakage on removal from the mouth, during trimming of excess flash and when used to position models during articulation.
  • Also available in peppermint scent (S437S).

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