You surgeons have strong opinions about which sutures you’ll use. Rest assured, we’ve got whatever you like at Sky Dental – silk, polypropylene, or chromic gut, single-strand or braided, absorbable or non-absorbable, and a whole range of colors to suit!

Popular items include the 18” silk black braid from Integra Miltex, in size 4.0 C-6, non-absorbable. Or the PGA undyed braid from Myco. You can get it in box sets of 12, with C-3 or PC-31 precision reverse-cutting 18mm or 19mm needles. Myco also makes a fine 3-0 undyed braided reli ‘redisorb’ line, for MFS-2 needle type (3/8 circle, reverse cutting, 19mm).

The crown jewel of our collection is probably the monofilament or braided, dyed or undyed line from Angiotech. The extraordinarily smooth, low friction proprietary coating reduces tissue drag. These synthetic absorbable sutures ensure closure through the critical wound healing period. They retain approximately 50% of their high initial strength at two weeks and 20% of their strength at three weeks. Mass absorption is essentially complete between 50 and 90 days. These sutures are in wide use in OB/Gyn, urology, and GI. They’re absolutely superb for oral surgery too. 

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