Shield Force Plus

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Shield Force Plus is an advanced light-cured desensitizer that provides a pleasant, effective, and easy-to-use chairside solution for preventing post-restorative sensitivity and treating hypersensitive dentin. Shield Force Plus’s Double Block Technology offers relief for up to three years.

0 Gingival Irritation Unlike other desensitizers, Shield Force Plus doesn’t contain Glutaraldehyde. The product is irritation-free, therefore no need to isolate gingival tissue.

1 Application (30s) Treating sensitivity with Shield Force Plus is a simple, 30-second procedure: Apply, Air-dry & Light-cure. Shield Force Plus applies green, dry translucent for enhanced visibility during application. Use before any bonding procedure to improve bond strength.

2 Layers of Protection Shield Force Plus’s Double Block Technology provides two layers of protection against sensitivity: The 1st layer penetrates the dentinal tubules for immediate pain relief, while the 2nd layer forms a protective barrier on the patient’s dentin, protecting it from further abrasion and future sensitivity for long-term relief.

3 Years of Relief* Thanks to the Double Block Technology, Shield Force Plus provides a powerful relief up to 3 years under conditions that simulate patients brushing their teeth even 3 times a day.

*Results may vary based on patient diet, proper oral care, and conformance to product directions. Wear data tested in vitro.

*Prices are subject to change without notice

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