Scalers Harmony (Hu Friedy)

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Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Hu-Friedy
Manufacturer part number: S204SDXE2
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  1. Fit for You, with over 2.8 Million Reasons to Believe4
    Comfortably maneuver and roll the scaler due to the round shape of the handle and the smooth transition to the functional shank. With over 2.8 million data points measured, this handle was designed to easily adapt to your individual grasp.4
  2. Reduces Pinch Force Up to 65% 2
    This may alleviate hand fatigue and injury risk due to repetitive motions. 3, 4, 5, 6
  3. Reduces Pressure on Tooth by 37%7
    Harmony scalers and curettes may increase patient comfort, while reducing clinician fatigue because it requires less pressure to the tooth when scaling.
  4. Confidence in Your Hand
    The durable metal handle, which features a recessed double-helix texture, is designed for optimal tactile sensitivity and to reduce tactile fatigue.
  5. Secure and Nimble Grasp
    The silicone grip has been extended by 30%,9 which can provide a secure and nimble grasp while using the instrument. The geometric pattern is specifically designed to maximize grip in all directions.
  6. Sharp Matters – 72% Sharper
    EverEdge 2.0 working ends, which are 72% sharper than the next leading competitor,10 allow clinicians to efficiently remove calculus. Sharp scalers require less pressure to do the same amount of work, creating a more comfortable experience for you and your patients.
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