Rubber Dam Clamp Ivory (Kulzer)

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We recommend Ivory Rubber Dams for absolute isolation of the treatment area. We provide Ivory Rubber Dam Clamps in a variety of sizes and shapes. With the Ivory all-in-one system, you will master practically every application, ranging from routine to challenging treatments.

Ivory Rubber Dams
The Ivory rubber dam is manufactured from natural latex and undergoes a special washing step during the manufacturing process to reduce surface proteins. Ivory Rubber Dam has extremely high tear strength, reducing waste from tearing during application. The Rubber Dam is thin and pliable, allowing easy placement in especially difficult areas.

Ivory Rubber Dam Clamps
We produce the Ivory rubber dam clamps in various sizes and shapes. Each Ivory clamp is die-cut, heat treated, tempered and individually hand-set to ensure high performance. This is how we guarantee the high performance of the stainless steel clamps and confident fixation of the rubber dam.

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