R.T.R. Membrane & Resorbable Tissue Replacement
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R.T.R. Membrane & Resorbable Tissue Replacement

SKU: r-t-r-membrane-and-resorbable-tissue-replacement
Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Septodont
Manufacturer part number: 01S0520
Price: $84.99  
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Resorbable collagen membrane made from bovine material. Compatible with RTR bone regeneration product. Provides easy adaptation to the site and is tear resistant. Can be cut to size if needed.
Resorbable Tissue Replacement (RTR) releases calcium and phosphate ions that promote new bone formation. Regenerates natural bone growth. Osteoconductive micro and macroporous structures foster dense new bone growth. Restores volume. RTR renews the integrity of the alveolar ridge within 3-6 months. Sterile Syringe. 0.8 cc of tricalcium phosphate granules.

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