R.T.R. Bovine Absorbable Collagen Membrane 1/Pkg

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Weight: 1 lbs
Vendor: Septodont
Manufacturer part number: 01S0520
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  • R.T.R. Membrane is an absorbable, implantable material that is indicated for guided tissue regeneration procedure in periodontal defects to enhance regeneration of the periodontal apparatus.

Features & benefits

  • Creates a barrier for a protected environment during bone regeneration
  • Protects periodontal ligament from fast growing soft tissues: Epithelial cells
  • Maintains bone grafting material to the region to be reconstructed
  • Supports wound healing and guide bone regeneration
  • Absorbs in 4-8 weeks
  • White, compressed, non friable matrix fabricated from type 1 collagen derived from bovine (Achilles) tendon
  • Appears white when dry and translucent and non-slippery when wet
  • Is biocompatible and well tolerated with no adverse healing effects
  • Can be cut to size


  • Item #01S0510 – 1, 15 x 20mm Absorbable Collagen Membrane
  • Item #01S0520 – 1, 20 x 30mm Absorbable Collagen Membrane
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